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Bukidnon is considered by Filipinos to be the food basket of Mindanao. It is the major producer of rice and corn in the region. Plantations in the province also produce pineapplesbananas and sugarcane. Malaybalay City is the capital of Bukidnon.

Bukidnon is a landlocked plateau in North Central Mindanao. It is bounded on the north by Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro City; on the south by North CotabatoDavao del Sur and Davao City; on the east by Agusan del Sur and Davao del Norte; and west by Lanao del Sur. It lies between parallels 7°25' and 8°38' North latitude and meridians 124°03' and 125°16' East longitude. Malaybalay City, the capital town, is about 850 kilometers by air from Manila and 91 kilometers by road from Cagayan de Oro City.

It is a home to a wealth of traditions and is abounding in cultural, artistic and aesthetic heritage. The oral folk literature of Bukidnon are the: Olaging (ethno-epic about the adventures of Agyu, the culture hero of Bukidnon), Idangdang (ballads/ songs that tell stories), Bayok-bayok (verses), Antoka (riddles), Basahan (proverbs or wise sayings), Limbay (lyric poem), Sala (love song), and Nanangon (folktales), Tutalanon (stories telling about the origins of things and names of places), Dasang (debate in verses during the settling of the bride price) and the Kaliga-on (religious and ceremonial songs that are sung during the Kaliga rituals; these are divided into two parts – pamamayok, sung by the men and tabok, sung by the women while dancing the dugso). Their musical instruments are the pulala (bamboo flute), salambing (small agong), and the kudyapi (guitar).

There are seven different tribes in the province namely: Talaandig, Higa-onon, Bukidnon, Umayamnon, Matigsalug, Manobo and Tigwahanon.

How to get to Bukidnon
Bukidnon can be reached through Davao City Airport and easiest is the Cagayan Airport. Davao City is around 441 kilometers via Buda Road and Cagayan de Oro City is around 104 kilometers away from Bukidnon.

Cagayan De Oro - Bukidnon
From Agora Bus Terminal: look for the Red King Long RTMI Buses or Red Hino Rural Transit (RTMI) buses. All buses going to the province of Bukidnon will pass through Malaybalay City. The Bus fare from Cagayan de Oro to Malaybalay City is P130.00 (airconditioned bus) with two hours estimated time of arrival.

Davao City - Bukidnon
Take the Red Rural transit bus or the Holiday Bus at Ecoland Integrated Bus Terminal bound for CAGAYAN DE ORO. All bus going to Cagayan De Oro will stop over at Malaybalay-Bukidnon. The estimated time of arrival is five hours via public transportation.The Bus fare from Davao to Malaybalay City is around P500.00 (air-conditioned bus).

Places of Interest in Bukidnon

Monastery of Configutation
Perched up on a hill in Barangay San Jose of Malaybalay City is the Monastery of Transfiguration. The structure itself is a magnificent work of art by the country’s national artist for architecture Leandro Locsin, considered as his magnum opus. The Monastery of Transfiguration offers a tranquil place where one enjoys the profound serenity and beauty of nature while relating to the spiritual world. A visage of the beautiful mountains and vast rice fields surrounding it, and the euphoria from the sight of local flowers allowed to grow around this landmark simply makes even a short visit to this quaint chapel a truly unforgettable experience.

Nasuli Spring

Whatever your choice, there is no finer recreation experience than what is waiting for you to discover at Bangcud, Malaybalay City, a place where the solitude that one may crave can surely be found.

Kaamulan Park

An intimate environment where pine trees abound, the Kaamulan Park bids one a breather from the busy hub of the City of Malaybalay.

Carmelite Monastery
A sanctuary for those who seek serenity and peace, the Carmelite Sister’s Monastery is a place for retreat and prayer. The refreshing air, well-kept flower gardens and a beautiful view of some mountains in this part of the City of Malaybalay makes the place ideal for quiet moments to ponder and take a breather from a busy life. It is located at Pal-ing, Barangay Kalasungay; some 5 kms from the city proper bound to the south.Multicabs and motorcycles can take you there at a negotiable price. Some of the drivers don’t know the direction so just tell them it is near Alma Moreno’s house. From there you won’t miss the corner going to the Bukidnon Monastery.

Mt. Capistrano
Famous as the evacuation area in the historic World War II, this mountain is characterized by its unique rock formations and challenging caves that it houses. Nature trekkers and mountain climbers find a good spot at the top of this rocky mountain, albeit rough and sharp, to see a vista of Bukidnon’s grandeur as it offers a free, panoramic view of the nearby mountains and the acres of rice and cornfields from the lands down under. Located at Barangay Managok, it is 18 kms away from the City of Malaybalay proper bound south.

Bird Watch Tower 
This is the Mt. Kitanglad Bird Watching Site which offers a rare opportunity to watch in person the rare and endangered specie - the Philippine Eagle and her eaglet. It is located in Sitio Lalawan, Barangay Dalwangan, City of Malaybalay; some 6 kms away from the National Highway. It is a venue for bird lovers to have a look at a host of beautiful bird species like the Philippine hanging parakeet, giant scops, owl, species of the fly catcher, brahmine kite and other jungle fowls which the Mt. Kitanglad Range play host.

Roxas Monument 
A Historical Park which principal feature is the monument of the Philippine’s first president of the independent Republic, Manuel Roxas. History has it that President Roxas hid secretly in the old school, now known as Casisang Elementary School, after escaping from Japanese Imperial Army at the height of World War II on his way to Australia. The monument was erected in honor of President Roxas’ brief stay as well as to remember the WWII prisoners of war. The Roxas Monument is located at Casisang, City of Malaybalay; a few minutes ride going South from the city proper.

Dalwangan Centennial Marker 
This is the spot identified to be where the Northern and Southern Army of the US Air Force linked in World War II. The centennial marker is erected at Barangay Dalwangan, City of Malaybalay.

Quary Cave

Harboring a unique ecosystem is the Quarry Cave located at the East Poblacion of Kitaotao, some 2 kms from the center of the Poblacion. The cave network is one characterized by abiotic components of water and the speleothems, such as stalactites, formed continually inside the cave. The cave is a rare kind. It is composed of several interconnected passages and has several ingress and egress which ranges from .60 meter to 19.10 meter in width, and from 1 meter to 6 meters in height.

Seagull Valley Mountain Resort

The untamed beauty of nature is readily experienced at Seagull Valley Mountain Resort where the resort facilities of swimming pools, benches, and day and overnight cottages are decorated with a sprawling garden of beautiful flowers. One is enveloped by its cool breeze, fresh air, and early morning or late afternoon fog while breathing in the spectacular sights seen from the viewing area; or from taking the mountain trail; or from trekking to the spot, some distance from the resort where the pristine waterfalls is nestled. Seagull Valley Mountain Resort is located at Barangay Lorega, Kitaotao; also about an hour and a half’s ride away from Davao City.

Kipilas  Falls

Covered with growth forest is Kipilas Falls located some distance from the Sitio Paraiso proper of Barangay Lorega, Kitaotao; along the Davao-Bukidnon National Highway. It measures 150 feet in height is 150 feet and 2.5 meters in width, and has a discharge of approximately 3.0 cubic meters per second.

Basak Cave
Located at Barangay Sinuda, Kitaotao, Bukidnon

Lake Apo

Picturesque scenery of a calm and serene lake lined with lush vegetation and surrounded by hills and mountains beckons anyone who visits Lake Apo. Found in Barangay Guinoyoran, City of Valencia; Lake Apo is a rift lake, fashioned in a circular shape atop a mountain floor due mainly to the movement of the earth’s crust. It is hailed as a clean and green inland body of water in Northern Mindanao and was awarded the Cleanest Lake in Region 10 in the late ‘90s. This 24-hectare lake has a depth ranging from 17 to 26 meters where species of fish thrive. Some small cottages are made to stay afloat on the water, the sight of which adds flair to the already beautiful landscape. Lake Apo is 11 kms. away from Barangay Poblacion.

Salawaw Cave
Located at Sitio San Vicente, Tongan-tongan, Valencia City; Salawaw Cave is an adventure for spelunkers. The cave portal almost choked by a breakdown of ceiling materials measures the highest and widest section of the cave which is 31.95 meters wide and 12.00 meters tall. Its narrowest part is that which measures 5.10 meters wide and 0.80 meters tall. The cave’s aesthetic features include the spectacular calcite formations and a cave pool which is part of an extensive cave stream. The stream exists below the cave portal and connects to a river approximately 250 meters away from the cave. There are some parts where the water from the stream reaches the top of the cave (sump), making it impossible to pass through the cave from its entrance to an exit. Large crickets (about 10cm body length) are among the abundant fauna in the cave, next to bats. Anthropods are the most common group of animals inhabiting caves. Ophidians also exist in Lawaw Cave.

Kasanayan Cave
Located six kilometers from Tungan-tungan, San Vicente, Valencia City. This huge cave contains stalactites, which are 400 meters deep from the opening. This beautiful cave is endowed with a river inside.

Maapag Falls
Valencia City

Borantawan Cave 
Found in Sitio Bita-ug, Barangay Lantud, 24 kms. away from the Talakag town proper; this cave has a 300-meter vertical entrance. It is almost a kilometer long. Species of bats thrive within the cave habitat. This kilometer-long cave has deposits of guano, an organic fertilizer.


MGM Mountain Resort

One of the best resorts in the province, the MGM Mountain Resort is a place where everyone can take a swim and play sports or simply relax, dine, and enjoy life with family and friends. Set in rejuvenating scenery of green landscape and lush vegetation, the resort features kiddie pools with colorful slides, adult swimming pools and cottages located in its contoured area. It has also a function hall, air-conditioned cavaƱas providing home atmosphere, dorm-type rooms, a camping site, boating and fishing area, cooking space, videoke, different sports facilities (for playing billiards, tennis or basketball), and a mini grocery and souvenir store. The area covers a total of 10 hectares at Barangay Dologon, Maramag.

Edlimar Spring Resort

Located at Barangay Tubigon, Maramag; Edlimar Farm and Spring Resort is quite a tourist attraction boasting of several pools both for children and adults. Facilities within the resort include the floating cottage, bamboo cottages for overnight stay, open cottages of different sizes, a concrete and exclusive cottage with swimming pool, a native kiosk, concrete and native picnic tables and cooking space. Very ideal for family gatherings and group picnics. This 10-hectare farm and spring resort also contains fish ponds and a display of fauna for educational benefit. An open chapel at a secluded site gives one a solitary moment for prayer amidst the sound of cool, running waters.

Waig Crystal Resort
A perfect destination for the adventurous, the daring, and the nature lovers, Waig Spring Resort covers 3.6 hectares of land at Barangay North Poblacion, Maramag. Waig Crystal Spring Resort has a score of interesting activities to offer with its modern facilities set in a backdrop of lush vegetation and a panoramic view of the rainforest. Waig Crystal Spring Resort offers crystal clear waters and swimming pools with a waterslide that prove tempting for both children and adults; cottages where family and friends gather for a picnic; a fully air-conditioned function hall which can cater 600 persons; sports facilities for tennis, basketball and billiards; a Restobar for fine dining; a lodging house complete with the amenities for a comfortable stay; cable cars to see the resort from the top; a horseback riding adventure; a souvenir shop; and a host of other facilities for an enjoyable stay.

Musuan Peak/Centennial Park
Known as Mt. Musuan, it has an elevation of 646 meters asl and a base diameter of 3 km. Musuan Peak is a natural landmark located at Barangay Dologon, serving as a border of Musuan from Barangay Lumbo; it is visible at the left side of the national highway bound south. A telecom tower has been erected at the peak so that there is now an easy trail going up there. Nevertheless, there are other points of entry to the peak, providing nature trekkers a good climb, especially on an early morning. At the top is revealed a panoramic view of the Bukidnon’s majestic mountains, green forests, vast ricefields, and the Pulangui River. One can also have a good view of the Central Mindanao University (CMU) campus.

Pigsuguan Hills

Located in Barangay Siloo, Malitbog; is three (3) kilometers away or about 20 minutes ride from the Poblacion. The hills and surrounding scenes offer travelers with spectacular views.

Saray Canyon

Located at Barangay Sta. Ines, the Saray Canyon is found at the entrance of the Municipality of Malitbog. It can be reached after about 15 minutes ride from the town proper. Nature beholds anyone who comes to visit with its breathtaking view and wonders.

Malagana Lake

Regarded as a hunting area for Wild Ducks and a fishing ground for Mudfishes, Malagana Lake is situated in Barangay Kalingking, Malitbog. It is three (3) kilometers away, or about 15 minutes ride from the town proper.

Siloo River

A river found in Barangay Siloo, from where it obtains its name, Siloo River is a landmark feature of the Municipality of Malitbog.

Liropan Cave
Found in Barangay Kiabo, Malitbog; Liropan Cave is noted for its deposits of “guano,” an organic fertilizer. It is about 30 minutes ride or 45 minutes walk from the Poblacion.

Monte Shanna Lake
Found in Barangay San Luis, Malitbog; this lake is a sight to behold.

Tingag Falls
Found at Barangay Kiabo, Tingag Falls is fourteen (14) kilometers away from the town proper of Malitbog.

Magawa Plain
Enclosing an area of about eighty (80) hectares, located six (6) kilometers away from the town proper is a proposed golf. It is about 25 minutes ride from the Poblacion of Malitbog.

Villa Mangga Spring
Situated seven (7) kilometers away from Malitbog’s town proper, this watercourse is a site for recreation and picnics.

Badiangon Waterfalls
This cascade of water is located thirteen (13) kilometers away from the town proper of Malitbog.

Bindol Falls
Eighteen (18) kilometers away from the town proper of the Municipality of Malitbog, Bindol Falls offers a refreshing site for visitors and nature trekkers.

Banigan spring
A water source about ten (10) kilometers away from the town proper.

Malitbog Spillway
A spillway located in the town proper of Malitbog.

Mabuhay Lake


Mangima canyon

Dubbed as the Kennon Road by the South, the zigzagged road of Mangima Canyon is a naturally scenic spot that never fails to astound travelers and tourists. An invitational off-road competition is held annually at the racetracks of the Mangima Canyon Springs and Country Park in Manolo Fortich where enthusiasts from all over the country face the challenges of the rough and rocky terrain that the place can offer.

Mangima Spring Resort

Comprising an area of approximately six (6) hectares, the resort houses swimming pools, function rooms, and dorm-type accommodation. The site is surrounded by hills and mountains and lush trees that it is suitable for family gatherings, picnics with friends and relaxation. Located at Manolo Fortich.

Palaisdaan Game Fishing Resort & Restaurant

Palaisdaan showcases the Municipality’s inland fishing. Its floating restaurant and fishing lagoon, one of the unique features, is surrounded by tilapia and hito fishponds. It is a wonderful place for freshwater fish catching. It has also an adult and child swimming pools, horseback riding facilities, hito hatchery and cottages for overnight stay. The said resort is situated in the Northwestern part of Manolo Fortich amidst a backdrop of scenic views of vast rice fields surrounding it.

Del Monte Philippines Inc. (DMPI) Pineapple Plantation

Considered as the biggest pineapple plantation in the Far East, the vast tracks of pineapple-laden lands of DMPI are a major attraction of the Municipality of Manolo Fortich. DMPI was Incorporated in 1926 and is one of the oldest and largest agro-industrial firms in the Philippines. While DMPI’s agricultural operation, purportedly the largest in Bukidnon, is straddled in the four towns of Manolo Fortich, Sumilao, Impasug-ong and Libona, its cannery is located in Bugo, Cagayan de Oro. A majority of its products is exported to the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and other parts of Asia.

Del Monte Philippines Golf Course and Country Club
A serious golfer’s paradise, this world-class 18-hole golf course is located at Kawayanon, San Miguel, Manolo Fortich is considered as one of the major golf destinations in the world. Its exceptional facility, perfectly landscaped recreation area, mini-lake, and well-trimmed greens offer a marvelous haven for golf enthusiasts and sightseers.

Menzi Farms
Located at Barangay Damilag, Manolo Fortich; Menzi Agricultural Farms & Orchard Homes covers a land area of 350 hectares. It has a wonderful viewing deck which provides a strategic spot to view the whole municipality of Manolo Fortich. MENZI produces oranges, pineapple, cut flowers, cacao and coffee. The serene and peaceful ambiance that the place offers can certainly relieve a weary soul.

Montegelo Farms
The perfect place to experience the breadth of nature that this part of the world has to offer. Owned by a plant pathologist, the Montegelo Agri-tourism Resort Complex is famous for its facilities for students, families and long-stay tourists which includes large function rooms, a grand entrance, cottages, and a swimming pool. Situated at Barangay San Miguel, Manolo Fortich; the beautiful landscapes and natural views inside the resort provide endearing background for snapshots and keepsakes of good memories.

Abyawan Ridge

The Abyawan Ridge is a perfect place to get a glimpse of the wonderful vista of Tagoloan River and picturesque canyons where the river traverses the Barangays of Dalirig, Lingi-on, and Sto. Nino. It is found in Sitio Abyawan, Barangay Dalirig, Manolo Fortich; just along the road going to the tree plantation of Bukidnon Forests Inc. (BFI) - Silo-o Station.

Stone Marker of Yoshito’s Grace
Elliptical in shape, and measuring about 2 feet and 1 foot across, this stone marker can be found at the town proper of Manolo Fortich. The two sets of inscription are in Japanese characters and mark the grave of high ranking Japanese officials killed during the World War II. When translated, the inscription means “On this spot died Mizayaki Yoshitoi, Chief of Army and Emperor Chiao. In memory of Kaji Battalion, May 8, 1942.”

Mount Pulog
Situated between barangays San Miguel and Lunocan of the Municipality of Manolo Fortich is Mt. Pulog. The hill commands a beautiful view of the Northern Bukidnon plateau. Mt. Pulog favors trekking and opportunities for scenic views as its highest point offers a spot for a panoramic view of the Del Monte Golf Course and Clubhouse, the airstrip and the rose farms of local farmers that abound in the municipality.

All Farms

An 18-hectare farm devoted to production of cut foliage-potted ornamentals of both local and imported origin. Located at Barangay San Gabriel, Manolo Fortich; this farm offers wonderful floral sights that can behold anyone who seeks beauty and splendor.

RPA Ventures
Formerly known as Farm, Inc., RPA Ventures located in Barangay Diclum engages in cut-flower production. Its 14-hectare area is the home of anthurium blooms that are of different Holland varieties. It is located in Barangay Sto. Nino.

Magic Farms
A vast agricultural area devoted to different agricultural experimentation located at Barangay Mambatangan, Manolo Fortich; Magic Farms produces grapes, banana, langka and fresh water fish.

Helms Farm
Located in Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich; Helms Farm is devoted to different agricultural experimentation. The farm produce ranges from fruits (like grapes, banana, and jackfruit) to freshwater fish and swine. At Helms Farm, one can enjoy horseback riding and camp-out at night while enjoying the soothing caress of the cool breeze.

Acosta Farm
Located in barangays Alae, San Miguel, Calanawan and Sankaran, the Acosta Farms is into the production of several varieties of fruits (like rambutan, durian, cherries and banana.)

Bubonawan River  

A tributary river of the Sil-ipon River, Undilawan River and Buganay River, this important water channel navigates the barangays of Sil-ipon, Capihan, Pongol, Nangka, Kiliog, Kinawe, and Gango of the Municipality of Libona and barangays Imbatug and Pualas of the Municipality of Baungon. At Bobonawan, a waterfall measuring 100 meters high located between Barangay Kiliog and the Poblacion can also be seen. Bubonawan River is Bobonawan Power Corporation-CEPALCO’s water source for hydro power generation.

Mt. Magantol Reforestation Project

Located at Barangay Sil-ipon, Libona, 17 kms from the town proper. From the center of Barangay Sil-ipon, it can be reached crossing the Bobonawan at 1.5 kms. This reforestation project aims to restore the grandeur of nature in this part of the Province whilst providing a venue for sightseeing and appreciation of nature’s beauty. Several varieties of hard wood and fruit trees are planted in the project site.

Libona Municipal Fresh Water Fish Hatchery Nursery
Located at Fabrica, Barangay San Jose, Libona and may be reached through Purok 1 of Barangay Crossing, Agusan Canyon some 200 meters away from the barangay center. Put up in 2002, this fish hatchery provides shelter and development of the fingerlings for fish culture and production; dispersed to farmers at minimal cost. The source of water for the ponds is from a nearby source.

Libona Municipal Tourism Center (River Valley Ranch)  
Located at Kala-kala Heights, Poblacion Kiliog, Libona; this is where one can have the highest spot in Libona to view a great part of Libona. Vice-Governor Alex Calingasan and his family donated a one-hectare land from his ranchland which is utilized as a Firing Range within the Tourism Center. At the northwestern part, one can see the lands and landmarks in the barangays tagged as “GKK” by local folks, namely, the barangays Gango, Kiliog, and Kinawe as well as the municipal buildings of Libona and Baungon. At the Southeastern part, one can have an aerial view of the seven (7) barangays, namely Maambong, Silipon, Pongol, Laturan, Capihan, Nangka, and Palabucan.

Bogsok Cave
Located at Sitio Bogsok from where it derived its name, Bogsok Cave is 18 kms from the Poblacion, Libona. Housed by Mt. Tampulong, this cave is known for its rich deposits of guano, an organic fertilizer. The cave is characterized by a wide flat interior, likened to a parking lot that can accommodate five buses! Bogsok Cave is still for further exploration; access to the cave is reputed to be hard, providing a challenge for spelunkers and other cave enthusiasts. It can be reached through a way from the Poblacion via Fields 17 and 18 of the DMPI Plantation.

Kawayanon Falls
Found in Barangay Gango, Libona; Kawayanon Falls is a cascade of cool water amidst a backdrop of natural foliage. The site bids one an invitation to experience nature’s cool beauty.

Sigmatan Falls
Located at Barangay Sil-ipon, Libona; the Sigmatan Falls lies at the head of Libona’s watersystem. It is 22 kms away from the Poblacion; and from the center of Barangay Sil-ipon, it is 8 kms to the Kitanglad mountains.

Lungag Falls
Located at the back of Libona Central School at the Poblacion Libona, some 100 meters away. The water is from a river, which cascades down at 25 feet from a rocky mountain. Maypangi Falls – Located at the back of the Pongol Elementary School of Barangay Pongol, it is 250 meters from Barangay Pongol proper and 12 kms from the Poblacion. It is the favorite swimming site for the townsfolk’s young children, families and friends.

Site of Rafflesia “World’s biggest flower”
Presumed to have gone extinct, Rafflesia Schadenbergiana Gopp locally known as Rafflesia is the largest flower in the Philippines, having a diameter of seventy (70) centimeter. It was first discovered and collected during the Schadenberg-Koch expedition on Mt. Parag in Mindanao sometime in 1882. Rafflesia was once again rediscovered in the foot of Mt. Kitanglad after 125 years; found to exist at a vulnerable site in Sitio Kalanganan, Barangay San Vicente, Baungon, Bukidnon. It is known as “kolon busaw” among the local dwellers and Higaonon tribe living within the area.

Bubonawan River
A tributary river of the Sil-ipon River, Undilawan River and Buganay River, this important water channel navigates the barangays of Sil-ipon, Capihan, Pongol, Nangka, Kiliog, Kinawe, and Gango of the Municipality of Libona and barangays Imbatug and Pualas of the Municipality of Baungon. At Bobonawan, a waterfall measuring 100 meters high located between Barangay Kiliog and the Poblacion can also be seen. Bubonawan River is Bobonawan Power Corporation-CEPALCO’s water source for hydro power generation.

Misulahog Cave

Located at Sitio Maasin, in Barangay Nicdao, Baungon; this cave is characterized by the traversing water of Tumalong River which passes through its interior. Its stone structures, locally referred to as “batong bantilis”, posed as a unique feature inside the cave. The cave is only two (2) kilometers away from Sitio Maasin proper. It can also be reached from Barangay Lingating.

Lungobon Falls

It is a sight of cascading water located at Sitio Kalanganan, San Vicente, Baungon. From Barangay San Vicente proper, it is 3kms away; from Barangay Imbatug or Poblacion, it is 7 kms away.

Borantawan Cave 
Found in Sitio Bita-ug, Barangay Lantud, 24 kms. away from the Talakag town proper; this cave has a 300-meter vertical entrance. It is almost a kilometer long. Species of bats thrive within the cave habitat. This kilometer-long cave has deposits of guano, an organic fertilizer.

Napalit Lake
The 36 hectares seventy-eight feet deep lake in Pigtauranan, Pangantucan, is the foot of the Kalatungan Mountains. It stands out because of its twenty-four floating islets of varying sizes, the biggest of which is 50 feet wide. These islets float around the lake parallel to the direction of the wind.

Mt. Lara
Is also located within the Mt. Kitanglad Range, considered as the first "canopy walk".

Pendon’s Spring

A natural spring that served picnic goers in Kalilangan and from the neighboring municipalities.

Panamsamon Spring

Much bigger than the presently operational Pendon’s Spring, Panamsamon Spring is one among those that remained underdeveloped.

Tausa and Pantaka Lakes

Located in Barangay Canituan, are natural cold springs that are still for development.

Ulayan Spring

Located at Sitio Ulayan, Barangay Malinao is the bed of first class sand and gravel. The area measures 2.0 hectares.

Salty Water Lake
Located at Sitio New Janiuay, Barangay Ninoy Aquino is known in the locality as unique and promising tourist attraction in the future due to its sulfuric flavor.

Canituan Hill
Measuring 1,400 feet, this hill in Barangay Canituan, attracts the attention of everybody who enters the municipality because of its vast plain on top.

Pod-ong Peak
Located in Barangay Malinao, Pod-ong rises 1,580 feet above sea level. Its panoramic view can surely capture one’s interest and awe.

Ticog Lake
Barangay Pamotolon

Tinambakan Spring
Sitio Potawon, Barangay Malinao


Atugan Swimming Pool
A public pool in Sumilao that caters to adults and young children, this site is utilized by the local folk for gatherings and for a refreshing dive with family and friends. It is managed by the Department of Public Works and Highways.


Alalum Falls

Readily visible to travelers and motorists, this arresting waterfall is located less than a kilometer from the Municipal Hall of Sumilao. This natural drop of cascading waters is approximately 148 feet high and is bordered by lush trees, rocks and a wild variety of plants within the outgrowths of Sumilao. A truly breathtaking sight!

Basag Cave

Situated at Sitio Basag, Barangay Kilabong, Sumilao; this cave has an abundance of stalactites, stalagmites and cascades that as yet remain undisturbed by human exploration. Peculiar to this cave is the presence of eight (8) waterfalls that are in themselves a reward for a spelunker’s visit.

Paiyak Cave
Situated in the southern wall of the Palao-pao Mountains of Sumilao, Paiyak cave astounds anyone who would come to visit and see for themselves the stalagmites and stalactites that have been said to have developed for over a million years.

Sumalsag Cave
Known for being the longest cave in the northern part of Bukidnon, Sumalsag Cave’s total length is approximately 1,859 meters. It is found in Sitio Kilabong, Barangay Vista Villa, Sumilao, Bukidnon.
The cave site is accessible via Barangay Dalirig in Manolo Fortich. A road junction in this barangay breaks away from the national highway and connects to the cave site. The cave site, which is in Barangay Vista Villa, is 3 km away from the road junction. The jump-off point in the area is only 500 meters away from the cave. 

Lagundang Cave 
Located in Sitio Lagundang, Barangay Kilabong, Sumilao. Lagundang Cave has a 225-foot entrance and locally dubbed as a mini “Niagara Falls”. The ponds found inside the cave is marked by the existence of crabs and fishes whose presence remains a wonder to townsfolk as to how these crabs and fishes got into the cave, the only opening of which is a vertical drop. Also, fascinating rock formations inside the cave would interest rappelling enthusiasts.

Palapao Hills 
Standing 836 feet above sea level, Palapao Hills stretch along the boundary of the municipalities of Sumilao and Manolo Fortich from the northeast. Said to be used as burial ground in the early part of the 19th century, the wooden coffins and artifacts contained in the caves, rock shelters and limestone groundss have designs that can be traced back to metal age.

Mapaso Spring 
The way leading to this hot spring is said to consist of a two-hour hike through a poisonous ivy trail or cliff rappelling. It is located at the northeastern part of Sitio Alas-as, Barangay Licoan, Sumilao, Bukidnon. 

CEDAR Eco-Tourism Site
Located at located at Barangay Impalutao, Impasugong; this reforestation project called The Center for Ecological Development and Recreation (CEDAR), also dubbed as “An Eco-tourism Site in the Heart of Bukidnon,” is becoming well-known as a recreation and amusement park in this side of Mindanao.

Declared a protected area, this reforestation project was managed by the government since 1912. CEDAR is currently jointly managed and developed as an eco-tourism site by the Local Government of Impasugong (LGU-Impasugong) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). CEDAR is approximately 300 meters away from the national highway of Barangay Impalutao.

CEDAR has a total land area of approximately 1,703 hectares with an elevation ranging from 600 to 1,200 meters above sea level. Diverse flora and fauna thrive in the area. Approximately 373 hectares is covered with a combination of manmade and natural forest while a large area comprised the Mount Kibuwa which is generally grassland in nature being highly ultramaphic with chromite mineral deposit underneath the soil. In the area exists a 100-hectare rattan plantation. Hundreds of thousands of white lawaan trees and giant bamboos are also contained in the forest.
CEDAR Eco-Tourism Site


Mt. Dulangdulang

The highest point within the Mt. Kitanglad Range with an elevation of 2,938 meters above sea level, Mt. Dulangdulang is the country’s second-highest mountain, next only to Mt. Pulag which has an elevation of 2,922 masl. A major jump-off to reach the peak is from Sitio Bol-ogan, Barangay Songco of Lantapan. The Kitanglad Range is a very significant landmark in the cultural history of the indigenous peoples of Bukidnon. Mt. Dulangdulang is considered a sacred place. 

Talaandig Ancestral Territory 

"Welcome. You are now in the heart of Talaandig Ancestral Territory. Be Culture Conscious...." so says the sign at the road on the way up to the tribal village of the Talaandigs at Barangay Songco, Lantapan. Here is a community of people who are consciously reviving and keeping the ancient ways and wisdom of the tribe. They have resorted to the traditional and tribal way of resolving conflicts and maintaining peace thereby preserving relations and harmony among the dwellers. Customary law is also enforced.

Mt. Kitanglad Agri-Ventures, Inc. (MKAVI) Banana Plantation
MKAVI is a 650-hectare banana plantation in the highlands of Barangay Alanib, Lantapan. It started its operation in 1998. MKAVI is a chief producer of quality highland sweet bananas which employs environmental conservation practices, manifesting the company’s high regard for the environment.

Binahon Agro-Forestry Farm 
The Binahon Agro-forestry Farm is situated in Sitio Bol-ogan, Barangay Songco, Lantapan, just along the slopes of Mt. Kitanglad, some 1,300 meters above level. It has gained acclaim as a learning site of the farmers, agriculturists, and rural development workers interested in the ropes of agroforestry and sustainable farming. The farm epitomizes the ideals of a balanced coexistence with nature, teaching those who come to stay remarkable farming techniques that are sustainable and values a harmonious life with nature and the environment. Run by the family of Henry Binahon who is himself a farmer, forester, and sociologist, the Binahon Agro-forestry Farm utilizes modern technology to improve agroforesty but maintains the traditional way of growing agricultural produce the way it was done by our forebears.

Cinchona Reforestation Project 
Established in 1929 at Barangay Kaatuan, Lantapan; this forest plantation is considered as one of the main tourist attractions in Lantapan, overlooking Simayha Plains of Central Bukidnon. Principally planted with Cinchona, it is said to be the only plantation of its kind left in Asia where this medicinal plant is grown. Cinchona (Cinchona ledgeriana), a source of quinine used for malaria, is a medium-sized tropical tree which can grow to a diameter of 60 centimeters and a height of 25 meters or 80 feet. The plantation covers an area of 1,725 hectares where seven (7) Cinchona tree species are found and is planted mostly with Alvizza Falcataria and other medicinal trees. At an average elevation of 1,140 meters above sea level, the area is considered as the coldest place in Bukidnon with temperature varying from 64 to 56°F.

Bawa Falls

Kulaman River
Awarded as the 2003 Cleanest and Greenest River in Region 10 and the Cleanest and Greenest River in Bukidnon i   2004 and 2005, Kulaman River can be found at Supon, Nakabuklad, San Fernando, Bukidnon; 10 kms. away from Poblacion San Fernando.

Mawi-e River
Located at Mawi-e, Little Baguio, San Fernando, Bukidnon, this was awarded the 2002 Cleanest and Greenest River in Bukidnon. It is 7 kms. away from Poblacion, San Fernando.

Luan-luan Spring Resort
Noted for its clear and clean water, the Luan-luan Swimming Resort is a favorite venue for outdoor gatherings, family picnics and special occasions where people from all walks of life can enjoy the enticing water and relax with family and friends. It is located at the Poblacion of Quezon

Ver Overview & Nature Park

A high point at Kipolot, Barangay Palaopao, Quezon providing an entire and overlooking view of the municipalities, Ver Overview and Nature Park is a landscaped area which renders a vista of beautiful rolling hills and plains of Bukidnon. Utilized as travelers’ stop over, it has a view deck from where one can see the panoramic as well as experience the cool breeze and fresh air.

Blue Water Cave

A promise of adventure for trekking, spelunking and nature exploration, Blue Water Cave has an underground water source which flows out towards the Pulangi River. It is located at Purok 17, San Jose, some 10 kms. from the Poblacion.

White Rock Walls

Located at San Jose, Quezon, White Rock Walls is made of solid limestone rock ideal for rock climbing and rappelling.

Kabyaw Cave

Purported to have the biggest and widest cave with living stalactites and stalagmites, Kabyaw Cave is located at Barangay San Jose, Quezon.

Pulangi River
The adventurous would find Pulangi River of interest, particularly for outdoor and water sports, water tubing and rafting, and kayaking. It has a drop-off point at San Jose, Quezon, Bukidnon.

White Mountains & Caves
Located at San Jose, Quezon, the White Mountains and Caves offers the mountain-climbers, spelunkers, hikers and trekkers an adventure-filled nature exploration!

Sagongsong Shrine & Caves
Known by religious devotees as a quiet place for prayer and solitude, the Sagongsong Shrine and Caves at Barangay Minsalerac, Quezon is also a serene site for nature lovers.

Quezon-PNP Shooting Range
Located at Quezon, the PNP Shooting Range provide bays for invitational shooting competitions.

Macabaya Picnic Farm
An Agro-Tourism area, the Macabaya Picnic Farm at Salawagan, Quezon, offers a serene place for nature lovers…enticing anyone who comes to visit, simply to relax and enjoy the attractive views of mountain ranges and vast irrigated rice fields in terraces.

Gue’s Garden
Featuring a mini-zoo of rare animals and a vast collection of flowers - Bromeliads, Orchids and other variety of floral species, Gue’s Garden can be found at the Poblacion, Quezon, Bukidnon.

Busco Sugar Milling Co., Inc.
The first sugar mill in the province of Bukidnon and the second in Mindanao, Bukidnon Sugar Milling Co., Inc., (BUSCO) was erected in Butong, Quezon, Bukidnon sometime in 1975 with a capacity of 4000 TCD. BUSCO now operates with a rated capacity of 18,000 tons of cane daily (TCD). It the largest mill/refinery in the Philippines in terms of sugar produced per seasonal crop. It also has the largest refinery in the Southern Philippines, with an estimated capacity of one third its milling capacity. The refinery runs on a fully automated environment with systems installed by Siemens. BUSCO's production depends on the cane produced by the farms in Bukidnon; and, it is the biggest contributor in trade and industry in the province producing raw and refined sugar which is presently sold domestically and internationally. BUSCO caters Educational Observation Tour around the plant for students and visitors.

Pinamaloy lake
This serene and tranquil lake can be seen from the highway of Don Carlos, Bukidnon. This is 50 hectares, guitar shaped and planted with Gmelina and Mahogany trees and good for boating and picnics.

Sinangguyan Falls
Located at Sinanguyan, Don Carlos, this waterfall has an approximate height of 20 to 25 meters.

Kahulugan Falls
Similar to Sinangguyan Falls, the Kahulugan Falls also has an approximate height of 20 to 25 meters.

Linking Caves and Spring
Enriched with innate physical features, the amazing Linking Caves and Spring located in San Antonio East is a source of beauty and wonder.

Oiskos Garden
Don Carlos, Bukidnon

E & J Resort
Don Carlos, Bukidnon

Squash Mountain
Located in Maraymaray, Don Carlos


Lucky 9 Resort
A municipal-owned resort located in Bolayok, Poblacion, Dangcagan, Lucky 9 Resort offers a refreshing venue for families and cliques to enjoy a swim or simply laze around in the spirit of togetherness.

Bukidnon Agricultural Productivity Center

An agro-industrial showcase and research station, the Bukidnon Agricultural Productivity Center (BAPC) is located at Barangay Barongcot, Dangcagan. BAPC plays host as a testing center for a certain corn variety found to be a good substitute for rice, of good yield at a low cost.


Paragupac Cave
Approximately 5 kms from the Poblacion proper, Paragupac Cave is situated at the Barangay Gutapol, Kibawe.

Romagooc Spring
Situated at Barangay Romagooc from where it is named, Romagooc Spring is only some eight (8) kilometers from the Poblacion proper of Kibawe.

Ragobrob Spring
Situated some one and a half (1.5) kilometers from the barangay proper of Barangay New Kidapawan, Kibawe, classified by DENR as forestall area, Ragobrob Spring possess a substantial volume of gravitational flowing mineral water.

Spring Cave
Located at Barangay Spring from where it got its name, Spring Cave is approximately 5 kms. from the poblacion of Kibawe.

Kisolop Cave
A spelunker’s challenge, Kisolop Cave is found at Barangay New Kidapawan, some 20 kms. from the town proper of Kibawe.


Malingling Spring
Located at Barangay Old Damulog, Malingling Spring had been the local venue for public bath and picnics.

Kapiling Spring
Situated at Barangay New Compostela, Damulog, Kapiling Spring is frequented by local and neighboring folks for picnics and public bath.

Lagasan Spring
Found at Barangay New Compostela, Damulog, Lagasan Spring offers a good spot for picnics, sight-seeing and camping aside from a cool swim in its cool waters.

Pangantapan Spring
Located at Barangay Migcawayan, Damulog, the Pangantapan Spring is a favorite venue for the locals either for a good bath or a simple picnic with family and friends.

Minlaya Falls
This waterfall measures about sixty (60) feet high and fifteen (15) feet deep at the drop site. Minlaya Falls is located at Sitio Minlaya, Poblacion, Damulog; about 1.2 kilometer from the Poblacion which is accessible by a hike trail only.

Mt. Pigtayuan
Considered as the landmark of the Municipality of Damulog, Mt. Pigtayuan is 250 feet high with a slope that ranges from 30 to 50 percent. This breast-like mountain is situated at Barangay Sampagar, Damulog. At the peak, one is provided a scenic view of South Bukidnon and some parts of North Cotabato. The transmitters/communication facilities of PLDT, PhilTel and NAPOCOR are also erected atop the mountain.

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